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Roller Guard Ladder

November 2018
By Serpentine
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Roll Guard A-Frame Safety Ladder , The new standard in ladder safety!

Our NEW Roll Guard A-Frame Safety Ladder features a unique locking Roll Guard safety barrier, that helps prevent access to the pool when not in use. When locked, the Roll Guard safety barrier completely covers the outside ladder treads, prohibiting access to the ladder. When unlocked, the Roll Guard safety barrier easily rolls onto the inside of the ladder, preventing access behind the ladder.

Designed for above ground pools up to 56 tall, the Roll Guard features 5 x 18 treads, inner side barriers and includes a lock. This safety ladder is extremely durable and its curved side rails provide additional strength for further enhanced safety.

The Roll Guard A-Frame Safety Ladder also features a contemporary design which is pleasing to the eye and which will not detract from your pool’s overall look. This Safety Ladder is very easy to assemble and requires only minimal hardware.

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