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Pool & Spa Maintenance

We want your experience with your swimming pool or spa to be enjoyable and hassle-free! We offer FREE Water Testing to ensure your water maintains the highest quality. We can also handle any maintenance needs your specific model may have, such as:

  • Fiberglass Pool Installation
  • Concrete and decorative concrete
  • Above Ground Pool Installation
  • In ground and Above ground Liner replacement

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  • Pool & Spa equipment repair
  • Pool & Spa equipment replacement
  • Standard Pool or Spa Cleaning
  • Filter Sand Changes
  • Salt Cell Cleaning

Planning Your Project

We recommend that you come into our showroom. We have a Fiberglass pool installed and you can see, feel and touch all the different options that are available. We have small models of many of the pool shapes and a lot of pictures of the backyard paradises we have helped to create.

It’s not just the pool you need to decide on it’s the surroundings around the pool that really create the wow factor. We have different options of concrete decking on display also. We will go over all your questions and give you a packet of information on the pools and options.

We will schedule an appointment to come inspect your yard and go over exactly which pool you would like and the different ways it can be positioned in your yard. We will determine if any retaining walls or extra excavating is needed. We will discuss how much concrete decking you want and if you want traditional concrete decking or if you want decorative decking. The homeowner will need to contact J.U.L.I.E. to make sure there are no utilities in the way.

Visit our showroom – we have pools installed and models you can see, feel and touch. We can discuss all options to help you create the perfect backyard paradise.

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Installation & Setup

With many years of experience we have pool installation down to a science. Please review the timeline images below to see each of the most important steps in the pool installation process…

Pool Layout is marked for precision.

The digging and excavating begins.

The hole is carefully prepared for proper dimensions.

The pool is set down into position.

We fill and backfill the pool.

The filtration system is installed.

Concrete decking is poured and the pool is ready for landscaping.

Your new pool is completely installed. Enjoy!