Smart Pool Robo Kleen

Smart Pool Robo Kleen Plus Automatic Pool Cleaner

Robo-Kleen features an exclusive Controlled Tandem design, which allows the steering wheels to move together without locking into one position. This feature, combined with interval timing in the software, which randomly changes the direction of RoboKleen, further enhances movement around the pool.
This eliminates the “back and forth” pattern that can occur when wheels are locked into position with fixed timing runs. Robo-Kleen’s ability to change direction easily and often results in coverage of the entire pool quickly.
Another benefit of the Controlled Tandem design is that the cleaner does not continually move in one direction around the pool. This minimizes coiling of the cord. Robo-Kleen will automatically shut down after a work cycle of approximately 3 hours. Switch off the power supply for at least 30 seconds before restarting.