Evolution CLX

The Evolution CLX above ground pool represents the successful blending of state-of-the-art technology and the latest design trends. The pool’s unique “curve” design, embossed around the pool edges, lends strength to the Evolution CLX aesthetic and its structure.


Benefits Include:

•Giant 9-inch Top Rail, Torsion rigidity built in with the embossed curve
•High-quality Coatings, Bonded and Plastisol coated for life-long resistance
•Seamless Structure, Completely integrated parts for seamless super strength
•Super-strength Emboss Curve, Strengthening curved design give impact-resistant strength
•Elegant Design, Stylish pool wall finish with an asymmetrical design
•‘Curve’ advantage, Unique design adds elegance and strength to the pool structure
•Buttress-Free Oval System, Uses less backyard space, Both efficient and aesthetically pleasing
•Wide Mouth Skimmer, Standard with the Evolution, Offers superior skimming, resulting in a much cleaner pool

Above Ground Pool Packages Include:
Your Choice of Pool and Pool Liner
Pentair Sand Dollar 40 Filter System 1 Hp to 1.5Hp
Maintenance Equipment
A-frame Roller Guard Ladder

Bio Guard Smart Pak 3 Step Chemical Program BioGuard Smart PAK is the perfect solution for a trouble free pool. Get just what you need for maintaining your pool for up to 16 weeks depending on your pool size
Smart Pak Includeds:
•4 lbs - BioGuard Silk Smart Sticks
•4 lbs - BioGuard Smart Shock
•1 Pt - BioGuard Smart Algaecide

We also include:
•Improves water quality while suppressing algae growth
•Helps create clear swimming pool water
•Leaves water soft and soothing
Scale Inhibitor:
•Prevents and removes metal stains and scale on pool surfaces
•Protects pool equipment from scale and metal stains
•Prevents cloudy water due to high calcium levels
•For chlorine or bromine treated pools