Expert Advice

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Algae – Definition / Cause A common “green” algae that can be free floating or wall-clinging. Ranges in severity from patches on walls and bottoms to entire pools. Can clog filters and create surface damage if left unchecked. Solution Banish®: Kills all types of swimming pool algae Black Algae – Definition / Cause Forms in..

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Pool Maintenance

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The 5 essentials of pool maintenance described here will give you a basic understanding of how your pool functions. For a carefree swimming season, learn about the 5 keys and visit your BioGuard® Authorized Dealer any time you need assistance or expert advice. Pool care can be simple when you have a plan for routine..

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Spa Maintenance

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Soaking in a hot tub or spa can be uniquely soothing and relaxing, but the hot water environment provides some unique hazards along with the benefits. Before adding water to your spa or hot tub, carefully read this guide and your owner’s operating manual. Keeping these guidelines in mind will help you safely enjoy your..

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Pool and Spa Product Safety

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Product Safety HANDLING AND USE OF POOL AND SPA CARE PRODUCTS: Always read the product label and follow directions carefully. It contains important information on the proper application, handling and storage of the compound you’re using. Used correctly, water maintenance products safeguard the health of your entire family. If they’re mishandled, they can be hazardous...

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Pool and Spa Safety

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Here are some pool safety reminders to help prevent accidents and to keep your family and friends safe. SUPERVISION • Adult supervision is a key element in getting the maximum, safest enjoyment from your pool. Never let children under the age of 14 swim unsupervised in a pool. Constant, vigilant supervision of infants and children..

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