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Algae – Definition / Cause
A common “green” algae that can be free floating or wall-clinging. Ranges in severity from patches on walls and bottoms to entire pools. Can clog filters and create surface damage if left unchecked.
Solution Banish®: Kills all types of swimming pool algae
Black Algae – Definition / Cause

Forms in cracks and crevices on pool surfaces, especially plaster finishes. Known for protective coatings that make it impervious to normal chlorine levels.

Solution Banish®: Kills all types of swimming pool algae, Spot Kill®: Formulated to kill black algae on walls. Spot Kill WP: Only used on white plaster pools.
Chlorine Residual – Description / Cause

The most common cause of increased chlorine demand is a high level of contaminants.

Solution Burn Out Extreme® or Burn Out 35: Corrects chlorine levels, take a water sample to your BioGuard Dealer and let them perform a test to help.
Cloudy Water – Definition / Cause

Hazy, murky appearance. Caused by poor filtration, inadequate circulation, water balance, low sanitizer levels and/or lack of routine oxidation.

Solution Lo ‘N Slo®: Corrects high pH, Strip Kwik® or NEW improved Kleen It®: Cleans dirty filter media, Burn Out Extreme® or Burn Out 35: Boosts sanitizer levels
Foam – Definition / Cause

Foam is caused by elevated levels of algicide or a foaming algicide in pools with jetted returns, attached spas or water features. Foaming can also be caused by a foreign contaminant such as soap or oil entering the pool. Foam should dissipate over time, but the use of AntiFoam will help clear the foam much more rapidly.

Solution Anti-Foam: Eliminates foam quickly. To prevent foam from occurring due to high algicide levels, skip your next scheduled addition of Back Up® or switch to non-foaming Algae All 60®
Mustard (Yellow) Algae – Definition / Cause
A chlorine-resistant form of green algae. Often resembles dirt or sand on bottom or sides of pool. It can be brushed away very easily, but returns quickly. Although it can create a large chlorine demand, it has been known to survive in high levels of chlorine.
Solution Banish®: Kills all types of swimming pool algae
Scale – Definiton / Cause
Scale formation is caused by high calcium hardness.
Solution Scale Inhibitor: Eliminates scale discoloration. Helps prevent scale from forming on pool surfaces and damaging the equipment
Staining – Definition / Cause

Discoloration of pool equipment and surfaces caused by contamination, sunlight and metals in pool water.