SpaGuard from BioGuard

The SpaGuard® Difference

When you use BioGuard® spa care products (SpaGuard® or Soft Soak®), you are enlisting a group of individuals whose expertise is unsurpassed in the spa and pool industry. Whose dedication to helping you achieve perfect water no matter what the individual circumstance is their number one priority. Whose sole purpose is making your spa or pool the most enjoyable and trouble-free experience that you and your family will ever have. Whose dedication to the innovation and history of new product introductions is never matched, but often imitated. This dedication to service and the relentless pursuit of perfect water is inherent in the DNA of every BioGuard dealer.
Chlorine or Bromine Systems
Bromine System
Your best bet for indoor* or covered spas. Brominating sanitizer reduces odors and is also more effective in killing certain types of algae.
* Indoor spas must be placed in a well-ventilated room.
Chlorine System
If you have an uncovered outdoor spa, chlorine is the better method of sanitation. That’s because the ultra-violet rays of the sun can destroy the sanitizer residual. Our chlorine system also oxidizes; meaning it eliminates undesirable compounds – such as oils, cosmetics and perspiration – from the water.